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Personal Training Packages

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Three sessions: Introductory/jump start -$195
Six Sessions:Jump start/guidance -$360
Twelve Sessions:Goal oriented /keep motivated-$660
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FAQ'S 1. Q:  WHAT IF I AM IN TERRIBLE SHAPE AND HATE TO EXERCISE?A:  I am the right trainer for you.  I specialize in getting extremely poorly conditioned people into a exercise program safely, comfortably, and with minimal pain.  Very few of my clients have been highly skilled athletes.  Most of my clients start on the low end of the fitness scale:  people who may not have exercised on a regular basis in their entire life. You can't get in shape in a day or a week, so I don't attempt to achieve that.  Many people try to do too much too soon.  They end up injured or so sore that they never go back to working out.  We will start out at level that is appropriate to your physical condition.  I will gradually increase the work load to match your rapidly improving condition.  Safely.  Smoothly.  Comfortably.  You will be amazed how smooth the transition is from couch potato to workout warrior.

2. Q:  HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK ARE NECESSARY?A:  The minimum is two.  For strength and toning, two days a week achieve good results.  Three days a week is better, but two days a week works well.  For Aerobic Training and Weight Loss, three days a week is the minimum required for good results.  Five days a week is optimal.

3. Q:  HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS?A:  It only takes a few weeks to start to see a difference.  The further out of shape you are the faster you will see results.  You will begin to feel stronger and see better muscle tone very rapidly.

4. Q:  IS SOME TYPE OF AEROBIC ACTIVITY (RUNNING, WALKING, STAIRMASTER, BIKING, ETC.) PART OF THE WORKOUT?A:  That depends on you.  The ideal situation is that the client does aerobic training outside of our training sessions.  That could be before or after our workout, or on the off days.  That way the full hour workout can be focused on strengthening and toning exercises.  These exercises require more supervision than riding a stationary bike or walking.  However, if the client is unable to do the aerobic work necessary on their own, it can be included as part of the training session.  The program will be customized to fit your situation.  The important factor is that you are getting aerobic exercise, whether it's on your own or during our training sessions.

5. Q:  WHAT IS A TYPICAL WORKOUT LIKE?A:  While every program is totally customized, a typical workout focusing on strengthening and toning will consist of 3 phases.Phase 1 (5-10 minutes):Warm upPhase 2 (40-50 minutes):10 to 20 Strengthening and Toning exercises covering the entire body.Special focus on problem areas.Phase 3 (5-10 minutes): Cool Down - Stretching and Flexibility exercises.

6. Q:  HOW LONG ARE THE WORKOUTS?A:  Generally the workouts are 1 hour in length. I also offer half hour sessions, but for optimal results one hour is highly recommended.

7. Q:  HOW ARE PAYMENTS HANDLED?A:  Training packages are due at the time of the free consultation and fitness assessment visit. I am also open to various arrangements.  I accept checks, cash and major credit cards. All sales are final!

8. Q:  What is your cancellation policy?A:  I require 24 hour notification for any cancellation.  Late cancellations (<24 hours) will result in you being charged for the session.